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I know this blog is usually more lighthearted than this, but my local animal shelter, the MSPCA, recently took in 427 birds from a SINGLE home in the area, and they all need help finding new homes.  The MSPCA is now housing a total of 501 birds of all kinds (finches, pigeons, quail, chickens, ducks, geese, parrots, parakeets, and more.)  

If any of your followers are looking to adopt a bird in Eastern Massachusetts, I hope they will consider adopting from or donating to the MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm to help cover the cost of care for these many birds.

Hello everyone, just boosting the signal on this to help out the birbs….Pass it on!!

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Please, please, stop calling Ezra a pedophile, when he's not one at all. Tossing that word around is not a good thing.
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Ok, that’s it, this is officially the last time we’re ever gonna address this. Is Ezra a dictionary definition pedophile? No. Is he an adult male, who preyed upon a teenage girl, who he KNEW WOULD BE HIS STUDENT and also SPECIFICALLY TARGETED meaning he knew about her age? Yes. So, no, not a dictionary definition pedophile, but when dealing with an adult male, preying on a teenage girl, who he has an established power dynamic over, who may technically be over the age of consent in that particular state (BUT NOT OTHERS, I WOULD POINT OUT, NOT TO MENTION THE ABSOLUTE ILLEGALITY OF TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS IN PENNSYLVANIA), who he spied on for an extended period of time with hidden cameras, and who has, repeatedly, admitted to having the good sense of knowing that every facet of their relationship is wrong but continuing it anyways, we are gonna stretch that dictionary definition just a little bit.

If you find the word triggering, I’m sorry, but then shouldn’t you have a problem with the show itself for putting this relationship forward as something to be idolized, true love, full of wet stares and clandestine romance? We’re just calling ‘em like we see ‘em, and to be honest, if you don’t like it, simply put? Unfollow us.


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I follow @KristyT on Twitter and she let me know about a project that she created with @tiffani (#DetroitWater) to help Detroit residents with their water costs. Their website is and there you can confidentially donate to cover a person’s bill. 

Detroit has the highest percentage of Black residents compared to any other major U.S. city, and as I wrote about in Black In The 99%, race is most certainly forever intertwined with class and poverty; these cannot be extracted from each other, especially in a country where its very financial system and imperialistic power would not exist without enslavement and genocide. There is no way to extract the economic violence being committed upon Detroit residents from racial histories. 

According to RH Reality Check, "in Detroit, the cost of water is nearly twice the national average, and approximately half of the city’s customers owe outstanding balances on their water bills. But let’s situate this against a broader historical and sociopolitical backdrop. By 2011, half of Detroit’s working-age population was unemployed, and only 27 percent had full-time work. Nearly one in five Detroit residents were below the poverty line. Approximately three in five children were living in households headed by single mothers (see Rose Brewer’s article on the prison industrial complex). Moreover, these statistics are significantly worse for the city’s Black and Latino residents.” 

People simply cannot go without water and while this entire situation is larger than just “unpaid bills” but are acts of violence against these residents amidst larger economic and racial disenfranchisement, with the recent 15 day suspension on the human-made drought, hopefully no other excuses can be used to harm these people if they’re able to pay the bills. This isn’t about lack of “personal responsibility” creating negligence over a “luxury” but about systemic poverty, capitalism, privatization and WATER. 

Again, if you want to support Detroit residents through a confidential donation via this fundraiser created by two thoughtful Black women, visit:


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Look, I know we all love Gabe Holbrook, what with his dreamy face and his not banging underage girls, but all of the cop awards to Detective Roma Maffia (I don’t know what her character’s name is so I just keep calling her Liz from Nip/Tuck) for, you know, actually doing police work. If she starts cracking down on Rosewood’s rampant pedophilia, she may actually become my new favorite character.

No one will ever crack down on Rosewood’s rampant pedophilia. Considering it affects even non-native Rosewoodians, I’m guessing it’s something in the water.